Urban Apartheid

I’ve started living among the swells in Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse square district.  Tonight was one of those “when in Rome” nights.  We started with wine on the 19th floor of the Bellevue hotel (where I hear every president since Wilson has stayed, and Sarah Palin recently held a fund raiser).  This city’s skyline is an utter fireworks display at night.  Then it was on to a play.  After that, absinthe (now apparently legal) on the square.

I’ve lived in North Philadelpia (poor), South Philadelpia (blue collar) and now Rittenhouse Square.  Finally I can walk the tree line streets without being reminded of all the city’s problems.  We’ve got a 20 percent poverty rate, a school system that graduates students into the prison system, and a statue of the racist head busting mayor Frank Rizzo standing near city hall.  None of those things bother me anymore.  Apartheid isn’t so bad, as long as you’re on the right side of it.


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