What’s the point?

Perhaps this is the wrong question, I’m not sure.  I know it’s a difficult question to answer.  The point, I guess, is to write and write well and write in a way you deem interesting.  The target is anything of interest, though the blog title would have us think of social commentary.  I see this as a leaping off point, and if not all-encompassing (insofar as any category is arbitrarily drawn and can easily be broken down), is at least flexible enough to handle thoughts on any subject. The hope is to achieve a cacaphony of voices.  Division and argument are of interest.

Maybe blogging could be good for us, it trains in putting half-formed opinions to words.  Even if those words turn out to be half-formed opinions themselves.  And should it be another way to procrastinate on what you really “should be doing,” these virtues might make it worthwhile anyway.


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