Cultural forms: betel nut girls

The following did not come to my attention through..uh..illicit surfing of the interwebs.  Betel nut girl came into my life through Nietzsche.  Nietzsche complains that culture is the result of narcotics like hash (!!) and betel-nut chewing (???).  The joy of google+wikipedia brings me to the knowledge of the betel nut (mild stimulant, which from the description reminds me of how coca leaves are chewed in the Andes).  What more, it brought to my attention the Taiwan betel nut girl.  Behold the betel nut girl in all her glory:



Anywhere else in the world, we are witnessing a prostitute.  In Taiwan, she is one of thousands of young women who dress in little and sell this stimulant to passing motorists out of their full-glass booths (hint, full viewing pleasure).  Perhaps if this is how we taught cultural forms to our youth they’d pay more attention?  Culture is drugs and flesh!  We should ask our youth: is she a victim of exploitation, or maximizing the value of her labor hours?  Would you rather by from Betel Nut Girl, or this guy…

Forget betel nuts, eat your oatmeal!

Forget betel nuts, eat your oatmeal!

Now I realize the heteronormativity (and age issues) in posing the question that way.  I assume little Johnny prefers slim young women to old, craggy, man Wilford.  Maybe Johnny will grow up to fantasize about Mr. Brimley?  Perhaps Betel Nut Girl vs Brimley can crack the hetero chokehold over our educational system?


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